For Emergency Callouts

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For Emergency Callouts

CALL NOW: 0330 124 4151

For Emergency Callouts

CALL NOW: 0330 124 4151

Paul Youds

The one that started it all. 11yrs running de:uk and 26yrs in the dental/medical industry. Paul has a passion for providing quality work whilst ensuring de:uk is a fun place to work at, and with. He now spends his work life managing the business with a focus on sales. In his spare time, he enjoys drinking far too much coffee, watching F1 and playing guitar.

Karen Youds

The one that stops Paul spending all the money on cars. 11yrs at de:uk and 27yrs putting up with Paul. Karen manages the company supplier and client accounts. She also looks after the staff wellbeing and ensures holidays are booked when Paul forgets. Likes a coffee (but prefers a nice Chardonnay) and enjoys holidays abroad.

Sammy McCarthy

The one that everyone speaks to. 2yrs at de:uk as our office administrator, Sammy’s new role is as our Service & Contracts Manager. Her bright and bubbly personality has made her a big hit with clients and suppliers, and she has a passion for delivering a quality service. Enjoys looking at a cup of coffee for hours (but never really drinking it) and eats like no one you have ever met before. Enjoys a gin, meals out and travelling the world.

Erin Lang

The other one that everyone speaks to. Erin recently joined our administration team and was horrified to find out that Sammy has never even tried a cup of tea. She has fit into the team extremely well and her attention to detail, and willingness to adapt is contributing to the efficient running of the de:uk office.

Kevin McCarthy

The one that has no relation to Sammy whatsoever. We can’t actually remember how long Kev has been with us (it’s been a long time), he just seemed to turn up one day and never left. Kev is our senior engineer and has a passion for ensuring jobs are completed to a high standard. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Magpie McCarthy’ (new tools have a miraculous way of finding there way into Kev’s van), he enjoys a double espresso in a morning and spends most of his free weekends metal detecting.

Adam Snowden

The one that has to put up with Kev. 2yrs at de:uk as an apprentice dental equipment engineer, Adam has a friendly and approachable personality, and a passion for dropping small screws or tripping over things. Adam has taken to his role exceptionally well, even with the challenging environment the COVID has presented us with and is now focusing his training on digital imaging modalities.

Marcus Shaw

The one that’s just arrived. Marcus is the latest addition to the engineering team after starting with us in November 2020. He has 26yrs experience as a service engineer and has picked up working with dental equipment exceptionally quickly. Adapting to product training via Zoom or WhatsApp is not the best way to start your new career but Marcus has shown that good base engineering skills are worth their weight in gold.

Lee Fletcher

That one that would not take no for an answer. Lee has been sub-contracting for de:uk since the company began and has been putting up with Paul for longer than Karen (41yrs!?). Lee joined de:uk full time in December 2020 as project/workshop engineer. He has a passion for ensuring any refurbished equipment is completed to a high standard but has terrible taste in coffee. Quite possibly the most accident-prone person you will ever meet, Lee enjoys playing guitar and a pint of real ale.

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